Waneway White Feather Ceiling Pendant Light Shade, Non-Electrical Lampshade for Floor Lamp and Table Lamp with Shade Reducing Ring for Living Room, Dining Room, and Bedroom, 15.7 inches




  • Made from real turkey feathers, this contemporary pendant shade produces a soft glow and makes your home warmer. Ideal for Lounges, Hallways, Bedrooms and Other Living Areas.
  • Consisting of approx. 3000 feathers, each carefully positioned on a fabric core by hand, it looks more luxury than other similar products on the market.
  • Easily Fits Your Existing Light Socket, With No Electrical Installation Required. Designed as a ceiling pendant shade, but could also be used as a shade for a table lamp or floor lamp.
  • Comes with a reducing ring, suitable for most lamp sockets(B22/BC E14/SES E27/ES). 1 x 40w Bulb is Required - Not Supplied. Shade only, cord set not included.
  • Colour: White, Measurements: Height 15.7 x Diameter 15.7 inches.
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February 13, 2020
It's a pretty looking light. Diffused light nicely but it's essentially just feathers glued to a standard paper lantern cover. So it dims the light quite a bit just because there feathers have a decent density to them compared to thin paper.

It sheds a little. Especially out of the box but that's not a big surprise and it wasn't terrible.

I'm returning it. I was expecting better light to come through but it just gets blocked to a degree. Very cool decorative piece but not best for good and stylish lighting in the same package.

Opted for a standard and basic white lantern and that is much brighter and looks cool enough for me. No shedding either.
September 4, 2019
These looked really cool but I had to return because I have a three pendant light I wanted them for and it kept toppling the light over. It made it too heavy. They are larger than you would imagine. Also be prepared for shedding. Definitely add a nice elegant touch- a little pricey. But there are lots and lots of feathers.
August 10, 2019
Alittle pricey for the item but I do 100% love it. Very beautiful. Easy to assemble .
July 8, 2019
Love this lampshade! Super cool in person. Its like looking into a cloud. Makes the light quality very peaceful and gives a nice ambiance to the bedroom.
Kathy Wortman
May 22, 2019
Look. I was NOT expecting THIS! Are you looking for a dab of GLAM and SHAZAM for ANY room in your home (including a bathroom)? Here. It. Is.
18, 2019
I needed a new shade for my floor lamp, but it points out at an odd angle instead of just upright, so a standard shade wouldn't work. This one is perfect!! And it has a universal fit. It's basically one of those Japanese lantern things made of fabric, with feathers covering the outside of it, so it's safe to use and not a fire hazard as the feathers can't touch the light bulb. And it's gorgeous!! I love it :)
September 30, 2017
Love this feather lamp shade. Arrived quickly and looks exactly as pictured. It took less than a minute to assemble and it added the perfect touch to my apartment. I used it over a simple hanging pendant light. It fit over the bulb/hardware/cord perfectly. It arrives flat/collapsed, and it's basically a round paper lantern covered in feathers. There's a wire tension brace that goes inside and holds its shape. Photos attached to show light on/off.
November 26, 2017
Super duper cute and sexy. Everyone loves it, as do I. I added a dimmer switch to mine to give it a bit more "mood". This model is not as full and fluffy and evenly balanced as the designer one, but that one is $300. I love my little WanEway Feather Ceiling Pendant Light!