UbiGear New 300ft Blue RJ45 CAT6 Ethernet LAN Network Internet Computer Solid Wire 23 AWG UTP Cable



  • 100% new high quality Original Standard Ethernet Cable, CAT6
  • Wire Construction: CCA - Copper Clad Aluminum (Solid wire)
  • This CAT6 patch cable has two RJ-45 male to male connectors and features 50-micron gold plated connectors which ensure a clean and clear transmission.
  • Length: 300 feet
  • Type: Patch cable
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Product Description

This cable connects all the hardware destinations on a Local Area Network (LAN). Color: Blue Gold plated connectors Connector(s): 1 x RJ-45 - male Connector(s) (Other Side): 1 x RJ-45 - male works best for your desktop, laptop, router, modem, switch, hub, DSL, xBox, PS2, PS3, ...

11, 2020
I work from home and I need to be in a room with a closed door. The issue is I can only work upstairs and I needed an Ethernet cable that I would reach from the modem downstairs and this is perfect! I haven’t experienced any degradation in signal, and I haven’t noticed a difference when working. I’m very happy I was able to purchase this on Amazon.
August 3, 2019
So I bought a 300ft, along with the added 200ft and cable adapter to hook both together. We have Fiber Optics out where I live in the middle of nowhere. The house I live in is approx over 300ft from the other house. I ran the cable from the box inside the house all the way outside up to my house and hooked the other end up to a wifi Linksys router. So far I am pleased by how the performance is. I do however have to have my laptop manually wired to the wifi router, but my phone works fine on it, haven't tried the 360, if all else fails with the wifi, I will connect manually to the 360 as well. Not too much to complain about though. Overall I am quite pleased by how well the internet is over the 500ft of cable. Thank you!
August 26, 2019
I work for VIPKid and needed a long cord to connect my computer is my office to my modem in my living room. The online teaching portal suggested a wired internet connection in order to ensure good quality. The only downside to this product is that it is a pain to wrap up when not in use (I don't want it running across my house). I bought a product to wrap around when it's not in use and now I couldn't be happier. Great buy with a lot of length.
August 24, 2018
Worked for a little while, but we kept having access point issues. We were pleased with the length, and we assumed the issue was the access point. We changed access points, issue continued. After a few weeks, it finally stopped working, and has completely died. Throwing it out. Great.

Anthony castaneda
July 19, 2018
It arrived on time with everything intact nothing missing and it is what I ordered
A 300ft ethernet wire Cat 6 brand new check✅
I check to see if it works before going through the trouble of runing the wire.check✅
Works great.
October 8, 2017
I have a setup at my house where my internet / router comes in and one side of the house, but I needed to install a second router at the other side of the house, and needed a long length of CAT cable to instal. I have part of the cable exposed to the sun outside of the house, and the rest runs under the eves. The cable has been installed for more than half a year and hasn't faded even a little bit. The speed on the other end is great, and provided exactly what I needed to extend the internet across our property. I'd absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for a long-distance CAT cable to cary internet across 300ft of distance.
gerald n
March 27, 2016
Mine does not work at all. Does not register as an ethernet cable in any router, modem or PC. Wasted hours drilling holes and (gingerly) stringing this under the house. If you want a really long piece of worthless wire, buy this. I presume this company couldn't care less about my experience. Guess we'll see.

Meanwhile, I'm checking monoprice.com for my next long one...
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