lovermusic 6.35 mm Hole Dia 4.3K 3 String Bass Pickup Replacement for Electric Cigar Box Guitar Wooden



  • The guitar Pickup is constructed of maple cover and magnet.
  • a good replacemet Replacement for cigar box guitars.
  • Pre-wired electric guitar pickup harness Replacement for 3-string instruments
  • High permeability,durable and light weight.
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Product Description

Note:There is a little difference between the color and object

Brand name:
Material:Maple & magnet
Wire length:40cm
Hole Dia: 6.35 mm
The distance between sound point:10 mm
Upper Panel:50 x 17mm

1.The guitar Pickup is constructed of maple cover and magnet.
2.Good chioce Replacement for 3 String cigar box guitars,guitar parts replacement.
3.Comes with a Input Jack.
4.High permeability,durable and light weight.

Package Content:
1x Guitar Pickup

January 2, 2020
Comes apart way too easily and when you attempt to reassemble the laser cut thin wood face and/or thin wood bottom breaks. The copper spun wires also easily dislodge just from handling. I fixed it and used contact cement to hold it all together and it worked out, but who want to go through all that. I ordered three. They all did it to some extent.