Cellet Air vent Car Mount Phone Holder Cradle for IPhone Xs/Xs Max/Xr/X/8 Plus/7 Samsung Note 9/8/5 Galaxy S9/S8/S7/S6 LG Q7+/Stylo 4/Q Stylus/V35 ThinQ/V30/G6/G5 Vent Clip with Twist lock knob


1.Style:Full Phone Cradle


  • SAFETY and SECURITY: Air vent clip with lever lock that ensures a firm, secure hold inside the vent. Protecting your Smartphone with the Silica Gel material on the side grips for optimal grip and cushion.
  • VIEW IT YOUR WAY: The Cradle has a 360-Degree rotation to make your view perfect when you use the GPS on the road.
  • WIDE GRIP COMPATIBILITY: With the extension of 3.5in (8.9cm) in width it can accommodate iPhone 7/7s Plus, 6/6 Plus, Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge / S6 / S6 Edge Plus Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus, LG G5/G6, HTC 10, Moto Z, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, LG V20, OnePlus 2 / OnePlus 3, Lumia 950, Lumia 950XL, Sony Xperia XZ, Nokia N1, Note 6 / Note 5, LG G5, HTC Hwa Wei and more!
  • USER FRIENDLY: No extra tools needed, Simple installation of picking which vent to use and click it in place with the lever lock and test its firm hold.
  • 1 YEAR HASSLE FREE WARRRANTY: We at GadgetOutlet pride ourselves in our products and our customer satisfaction!
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Product Description

Effortlessly mount your smartphone securely by using the air vent car mount with turn knob lock.

Assembled of durable hard plastic, this holder can securely mount your smartphone as you drive.

The cradle has non-slip extendable arms that extends up to 3.5 inches wide, the swivel ball provides 360-degree rotation.

Your device can be positioned in any perfect view angle.

With a turn-lock mechanism, the car vent tabs can be tightened or loosened to accommodate all vertical or horizontal vents.

Easy to install, this holder does not require any extra tools for installation.

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Roberta Dp
January 6, 2020
I like the order and I'm happy that arrive on time
Julius Laszl
September 28, 2019
Work great to hold my Blue Ox Patriot 2 remote brake controller as the heater vents flaps are thick in a E450 and the clamps adjust & secure extremely well. Super..
September 11, 2019
I really like how adjustable it is, but it blocks my air vent when I use it, like pretty much the whole thing which I guess can be expected... I just didn't think that one through. The real problem is that after using it for about two weeks one of the little rubber pads fell off. It doesn't hold my phone well without it, so every time I want to put my phone there I have to hold it in place, squeeze my phone in and then release to make sure the rubber pad stays there and grips my phone in place. If I don't, one little bump in the road or too sharp of a turn and my phone pops right out.
August 12, 2019
Earlier versions of this same product had a little "tooth" at the end of the jaws that grip the vent. This made the mount work very well and was solid. Now without the "tooth" at the end the grip on the vent slats is not as good. They do have a rubber insert but I think both are required for a solid mount.

Otherwise a good product, It adjusts well, is simple, and small. I bring it along on trips and use it on various rental cars and it works great. Turns out the vents are mostly right where I want my phone.
February 8, 2019
The one I got for myself is grip style 1. The part that squeezes the louver has smal lip on the end, so that once it's tightened on it can't be pulled off. It works great and fits the length if the louvers on my 2013 Toyota corolla. The adjustment that tightes that grip, and the adjustment that tightens the angle at which your phone faces you, can be cranked as tight as you'd like, which is awesome. The light gray pads that contact the phone are a bit rubbery and it's been squeezing my phone just fine to keep it in place, even on bumpy roads.

I bought grip style 2 for my mom and brother. It also works great. There's no lip at the end that fits onto the louver, bit there's been no problem with it being loose. The grip is different than style 1, in that you just flip a lever to tightness 1 or tightness 2. The strongest tightness has been plenty tight on my mom's 2014 Honda civic and no problems on my brother's 2005 corolla either.

5 stars overall, BUT! I will mention one small thing. On mine, when it's been extremely cold here in MN, a few times it just won't grip my phone. Its too cold for the springs to work,or something. But on some fridgid days it's fine. If you live in MN, this phone holder will be good 360 days a year lol.
February 8, 2019
This phone cradle/holder is excellent! The phone is held very securely and the tightening mechanism to keep the cradle attached to the vent is a great idea. Make sure to tighten the cradle so that it does stay on the vent. The easy release button in the back makes it indeed easy to get the phone out of the cradle when you're getting out of the car.
August 9, 2018
Moves around too much even when tightened. The grips are not long enough for flip/wallet phone covers
July 16, 2018
Terrible air vent mount. The cell phone is not locked into position once the mount is fastened to the vertical air vents.

The plastic tightening nut holds mount to vent slat, but nothing holds the swivelling loose mount that holds phone is not secured .
So cell phone is free to move in any direction.
December 6, 2018
Love this little gadget works great for a hands free driving experience!!
Rachel Mills
November 13, 2018
Does not fit on every air vent, but works great for my Toyota Corolla! I use this to keep hands free while I am Uber and Lyft driving. Would definitely recommend!
July 8, 2017
I've used this in my work van with my galaxy s8+ for 2 10 hour shifts and it worked like a charm. I expected it to not hold my phone on bumpy roads but it did. I'm very pleased so far.
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